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The Queen’s Mother: Marie de Guise

Known as the mother of the tragic Mary of Scotland, Marie De Guise was the daughter of a powerful French family. Married once, and widowed soon enough, Marie De Guise would marry a second time, making her the Queen of … Continue reading

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Her Holiness, Joan

Peter was the rock on which Christ built his church, and from that crown has sprung a string of Popes, both worthy and unworthy of the title. The vicar of Rome is a crown which can only grace the head … Continue reading

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Tragedy’s Queen: Jane Grey

Known famously as the Nine Days’ Queen, Lady Jane Grey was the tragic pawn of family ambition. Beautiful and intelligent, Jane would not live past sixteen. Jane was raised as a Protestant and was the daughter of Henry VIII’s niece. … Continue reading

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Queen of the Nile

The last ruler of the Macedonian dynasty, Cleopatra’s name has crossed history as the great temptress of the Romans. She captured the love of not one Roman leader but two. Cleopatra used her womanly charms and cleverness to maintain her … Continue reading

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What happened after Beauty fell in love with Beast? Certainly the fairytale could not be further from the truth for Eva Braun, who loved Adolf Hitler for more than twelve years and in the end met her happily ever after … Continue reading

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The myth of Melusina tells the tale of the water goddess Melusina. Melusina was one of three daughters. She was born half fay and half human. When her mother punished her for wrongdoings against her father, Melusina was cursed to … Continue reading

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The Hapsburgs once said: Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube! The best way to expand an empire was not always to wage war, but more often it was to marry, and marry well. The saying means, “Let others make … Continue reading

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